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Website Maintenance Service

In this age of immense competition, a website is not only important but an integral part of your business. Having a website ensures your customers can reach you anytime, and from any part of the world. But simply creating an online presence is not enough. Users and search engines both prefer websites which are constantly updated, and feature fresh content to suit the happenings of the time. In order to keep your customers informed about all your services and growth, it is essential to regularly update your website.

In this video, Mak discusses why website maintenance is important and how hackers gain access to your website. He also discusses ways to prevent you from being a victim.

While regularly improvising the content and technical aspects of your website can be time consuming, you don’t have to do it all on your own. Gilead Digital helps you focus all your attention on business development activities by maintaining the website for you. Our team monitors your online presence and constantly modifies your website to keep it contemporary and appealing.

Fresh Content for a Fresh Appeal

Google and other popular search engines give special preference to websites which lay emphasis on the content. This is why regularly uploading fresh content on your website can be a great way to ensure higher SERP rankings and more benefits on the SEO front. Our team at Gilead Digital keeps an eye on the latest content marketing trends, and incorporates them in your website to give your visitors a fresh appeal on a regular basis.

Our content maintenance solutions include fresh content for your webpages, adding forms and databases, newsletters and email list maintenance, rich multimedia integration and more.

Timely Technical Updates

We keep a track of your SEO activities, and use the insights to modify your website. This way, we make your web presence more appealing to your visitors and search engines. We undertake frequent technical updates to boost the performance of the search engine optimization activities for your website.

Adding New Features, Products and Offerings

Whether you are an ecommerce portal, a consulting agency, a service provider or any other type of business, you need to keep your website updated with the latest services and products you offer. Gilead Digital incorporates all your latest features, new products and any other information that your customers should know, to your website on a quick basis.

In case you have any custom website maintenance requirements, we can help you out with them as well. Call us today to know more about our web maintenance and digital marketing solutions!

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